About Thought Mixing Bowl

Hi there.  I’m Matt Hanna, Director of Curiosity at Thought Mixing Bowl.  The purpose of this project is to be a collector and connector of perspectives and to make people think, speak, and act differently. Specifically, I love to explore possibilities and uncover the questions that are living somewhere in our minds.

So take a listen to some of the podcasts and freshen up your perspective.  Reach out to the guests if you’d like to share your thoughts with them.  And if you like the project, please consider giving support on Patreon to keep it up and running (you are the only source of funding as I will not put ads on the site or in the podcast).


Whether you have questions about getting involved with Thought Mixing Bowl, have general comments or suggestions, or have the answer to life, I’d love to hear from you.  Email me at matt@thoughtmixingbowl.com or fill out the form below.