Today I’m announcing that I’ll be putting Thought Mixing Bowl on the shelf. Perhaps the time will come when I’ll have the ability to come back to this project with the time and energy it deserves. As you may know from previous episodes, I had a son enter my life back in October. My wife Katie was home through the holidays so there were two of us around during the day to split time with the little guy. Since Katie went back to work, I’ve been flying solo with Benjamin during the day and trying to squeeze all my work and projects into a few hours at night. If you’ve been looking for a new TMB episode the past couple of months you know how that’s worked out.

So with Benjamin in my arms I’ve spent some time thinking about how to make the best use of my limited time and mental capacity. I decided I could only properly focus on two things going forward and they had to be a good blend of enjoyable, meaningful, and profitable. Unfortunately TMB, among other projects, did not make the cut because it simply doesn’t bring in enough money. The two things that were the right blend that I’ll be focusing on are music lessons and coaching for creatives.

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who contributed to TMB and helped support it through Patreon or other ways.  Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to gain some more free time and share more things with the world at large. I’ll pay to keep the old podcasts hosted so you can still listen back through all the episodes. I still think there are insights and stories from guests that are worth revisiting. And of course if you’re looking for lessons or coaching, get in touch.  You can find me now over at www.matthannamusic.com.

Keep doing great things folks and until next time, take care and be awesome.