Thought Mixing Bowl Podcast: Episode 12 with Chloé Lepeltier

Thought Mixing Bowl Podcast: Episode 12 with Chloé Lepeltier

Episode 12 of the Thought Mixing Bowl podcast features a conversation with Chloé Lepeltier, a translator, terminologist, and author of a blog focused on living a greener life.

We dig into her story, the how and why of her journey, and her everyday philosophies.  At some point I also turn the tables and have her ask me a few questions as part of my new quest to display two-way conversations.

This is also the second episode that I composed a short instrumental piece of music inspired by the conversation (what I’m calling “Conversation Pieces”).  I based the piece around her motto of simpler, greener, and happier. The simple and happier are self-explanatory, but the greener took a little more thinking. I wound up looking for the frequency in light that corresponds to the color green and then tried to find the matching frequency in sound and map it onto piano. The frequency fell between a couple of notes, so if you listen to the piece you can hear the right hand bounce between a those two notes throughout the piece.

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Where you can find Chloé:
Instagram: @chloelepeltier
Twitter: @chloelepeltier

Conversation Pieces (for this episode and other episodes):

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