Thought Mixing Bowl Podcast: Episode With Jamie Lin

Thought Mixing Bowl Podcast: Episode With Jamie Lin

Hi There!

I’ve got a brand new TMB podcast ready for your ears.

For this episode I chatted with Jamie Lin, a graphic designer from Boston.  Some topics we touch upon:
-Her beginnings with design
-The pros and cons of a startup environment
-How to get to know your intended audience
-Asking for forgiveness, not permission
-Getting over fear and trying new things
-Her design influences (friends and designers she admires)
-The importance of sharing your work with others

Then we flip the tables, she asks me questions, and we discuss:
-How I kept up with my project of writing 50 songs in 52 weeks
-How I balance all of my projects
-How I got into podcasting
-My experiences with cooking
-How to build something on the side while you have a full-time job


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