Thought Mixing Bowl Podcast: Episode With Mergime (Migi) Raci

Thought Mixing Bowl Podcast: Episode With Mergime (Migi) Raci

Hi There!

Here’s another conversation for you.  For this episode I chatted with London-based Mergime (Migi) Raci, a UX designer and co-organizer for Geek Girl Meetup UK.  Some topics we touch upon:
-Her origins with design and Geek Girl Meetup UK
-Finding enjoyment in her day job
-Her belief in working hard (nothing comes from nothing)
-The questions she asks herself on a routine basis such as “what could I be doing better?”
-The importance of finding your passion and how to find it when you don’t know where to start

Then we flip the tables, she asks me questions, and we discuss:
-My biggest influence (or lack of one big one)
-What I would like to see more of in my field which leads me to talking about why I started TMB.


Find Migi and her work at:
Twitter (Geek Girl UK): @ggmUK
Twitter (Personal): @mergimeraci

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